pug puppies for sale in Kolkata

Pug Puppy For Sale in Kolkata

Pug puppy seller in Kolkata

About Pug Puppies

Pugs is so popular pet to be great family dogs and are very playful and affectionate with family & children. Also, because of their mouth shape, pugs have trouble delivering an aggressive bite and so are considered to be on the more kid-safe end of the breed spectrum. Generally, Pugs tend to be smart, observant, and quick learners. By the way, Pugs are naturally a little lazy dog that loves to sleep more than you and Pugs do need to maintain a fit lifestyle. Try taking your furry friend on two short walks a day. Anyway, Pug puppies have mainy 4 colors – Black, Fawn, Apricot, Silver Fawn and height of 30 – 36 cm (male) & 25 – 30 cm (female). If you are a Pug lover, and willing to pet a Pug puppy we suggest you to have your puppy only from verified Pug Breeders in Kolkata like us.

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Affordable Price & Verified Pug Breeder

When there is an availability, you can see a huge difference between our pricing of Pug puppies and other dog sellers. We help our customers by providing healthy Pug puppies from pre-trained Pug dog Father & Mother. Therefore, A Pug dog is generally live longer than other domestic dog breeds and comes with varieties colors. That means, if you adopt a Pug puppy from us, you are stepping ahead towards a long term relationship with your friend. And the price of a Pug puppy always depends on its availability, color and health. Please call us now below the button if you are willing to pet a Pug puppy in Kolkata.

Puppy Dog Zone

As the best Pug puppy seller in Kolkata, we have various color and ages of Pug Puppies at affordable price. Choose your Pug puppy today from the verified Pug dog breeders in Kolkata – Puppy Dog Zone.

Pug Puppies For Sale With KCI

At our dog shop in Kolkata, under 3 months old healthy male Pug puppies are available for adoption. All are pure breed cute Pug puppies from verified Pug Father & Mother. Super energetic, excellent top/bottom line, playful Pug puppies with KCI papers available at very reasonable cost. Father and mother of our Pug puppies are well trained and very friendly with babies. Anyway, You can meet your puppies father & mother by visiting us at our official address. For more details, please do not hesitate to call us at +91 8420-355-767

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