Kolkata is a true dog-loving city with people keeping diverse breeds ranging from native Indian dogs to popular foreign breeds. While some breeds like Labradors, Pugs and Golden Retrievers are quite commonly seen, there are also several rare and relatively lesser known breeds owned by serious canine enthusiasts in the city.

In this blog, we explore the wide range of dog breeds available in Kolkata. We discuss the characteristics and history behind 20 popular, staple breeds frequently seen in the city. Additionally, we also dive into 10 rare and unique dog breeds of Kolkata that even passionate dog lovers may not commonly encounter.

Popular and Commonly Available Dog Breeds Kolkata residents love dogs and take immense pride in their breeds. Apart from indie dogs, crossbreeds and imported breeds also have dedicated fan followings. Here’s an overview of the common breeds:

  1. Labrador Retriever – An immensely popular breed globally, Labradors are friendly, loving and intelligent dogs, perfect for families. Their history traces back to Canada but they came to India during British rule. Labradors thrive in both hot and cold environments.
  2. German Shepherd – A courageous breed developed in Germany valued for intelligence, loyalty and guarding instincts. They are often employed by security agencies in Kolkata. Extensive grooming of their thick double coat is essential.
  3. Golden Retriever – Sweet-tempered, playful and trainable, Goldens make fabulous family dogs. Bred to retrieve birds and small games, they love playing fetch and frolicking in water bodies. Moderate grooming and exercise keeps them healthy and content.
  4. Pug – Adorable and charming small dogs, Pugs are warm, sociable and love being around their owners. They originated as companion dogs for Chinese emperors but became immensely popular across India including Kolkata for their endearing expressions and clownish antics.
  5. Beagle – Friendly foxhounds with big personalities. Their hardwired scenthound instincts make them determined sniffers always following their nose. They should never be left off leash! Regular walks and moderate grooming meets their needs.
  6. Dachshund – Long, low dogs bred to enter badger dens and flush out prey, Dachshunds are tenacious and brave beyond their small size. They thrive on attention and make for amusing and loud companions indoors. Care must be taken to avoid back problems.
  7. Rottweiler – Large guarding dogs bred for droving cattle, Rotties have sweet temperaments around their owners but can be wary around strangers if not well socialized. Supervision is essential given their large size and strength. With proper care, they blossom in families in Kolkata.
  8. Boxer – High energy and fun loving dogs with crazy antics, Boxers bond closely with their families. However, with limited patience for solitary confinement, they need plenty of playtime and long jogs. Their short coats require minimal grooming.
  9. Dalmatian – Iconic spotted carriage dogs, Dalmatians make affectionate and lively pets. Regular brushing keeps their shedding under control. Without enough outlets to expend energy, they are prone to destructive behavior indoors in Kolkata homes.
  10. Doberman – Known as protective breeds, Dobermans form close attachments with owners when reared lovingly. Frequent grooming and socialization curtails aggression. Their regal look combined with trainability makes them popular in Kolkata.
  11. Great Dane – Appearing imposing due to height but with affectionate dispositions, Great Danes thrive with positive reinforcement and space to stretch out to full height indoors. Prey drive must be controlled outside with leashes. Short coats require little maintenance.
  12. Saint Bernard – Despite large sizes, Saints are calm, patient and loyal to families in Kolkata. However, their long fur requires high maintenance grooming and slobber cleanup needs tolerance! Size considerations are paramount before adoption.
  13. Yorkshire Terrier – Initially ratters in mines of Northern England, Yorkies became quintessential lapdogs across Victorian society. Minimal outdoor space suffices their needs in apartments. Long silky coat demands meticulous care.
  14. Shih Tzu – Prized as companion dogs by Chinese nobility, Shih Tzus populate many Kolkata homes for affectionate natures. Daily brushing of long locks and cleaning of facial folds is essential in preventing skin and eye issues.
  15. Lhasa Apso – Bred as sentinels in Tibetan monasteries, these hardy small dogs adjusted well to life in Kolkata despite warm climate. Alert indoors but aloof among strangers, supervision is needed around children given snappy tendencies.
  16. Bulldog – Tenacious bull baiting dogs turned family companions, Bulldogs love lounging around indoors and accompany owners on neighborhood strolls. Heavyset build and breathing considerations often requires air travel in cabins.
  17. Poodle – France gifted Poodles in three sizes – Standard, Miniature and Toy. All sizes feature soft curly hypoallergenic coats available in solid or multicolors. Regular grooming a must given continuously growing locks. Altogether a highly trainable and versatile breed.
  18. Chihuahua – Believed to originate from Mexico, Chihuahuas sport either smooth short coats or long fluffy ones. Big personalities packed in tiny bodies! Their small bladder necessitates pee pad training indoors. Fragile physical build calls for supervised interaction with children.
  19. Cocker Spaniel – Originally British hunters of woodcock birds, Cockers succeeded as happy household pets in Kolkata. Those long floppy ears need frequent checks and their silky fur regular brush outs. Reward based training recommended given their sensitivity.
  20. Miniature Pinscher – Often incorrectly called Miniature Doberman, Min Pins have big egos and never back down from a challenge! Though tiny, they carry themselves with immense dignity and pride. Perfect couch potatoes at home but tireless explorers outside on walks.

Rare Dog Breeds While the above breeds are commonly seen around Kolkata, the city also hosts some truly rare and wonderful breeds brought in by serious canine enthusiasts. Let’s learn more about them:

  1. Caucasian Shepherd Dog – A rare guardian breed with lineage tracing back thousands of years as flock guardians in the Caucasus mountains, these dogs can weigh over 100kgs! Keeping intruders away comes naturally to these independent minded dogs.
  2. Leonberger – Beautiful giant furry dogs originally from Germany with great strength and power. However, behind intimidating looks are playful and docile dogs wanting to please owners. Require exhaustive grooming routines.
  3. Chesapeake Bay Retriever – An early retriever breed hailing from Maryland region of the United States. Possessing webbed feet and oily coat that repeal water, Chessies take naturally to lakes and rivers to retrieve hundreds of retrieves in icy waters.
  4. Bergamasco Shepherd – This uniquely looking shepherd features a coat of mats and flocks that resemble dreadlocks! Hailing from the Italian Alps, they use these unusual coats to withstand harsh cold mountain climate. Surprisingly, minimal grooming suffices this breed.
  5. Lagotto Romagnolo – Rare curly haired water retrievers from the Romagna sub-region of Italy. Originally employed as truffle hunters, they use extraordinary scenting skills to locate expensive truffles underground. Their hypoallergenic fur resembles Poodles.
  6. Mudhol Hound – An Indian pedigree also called Caravan Hound originating from Karnataka’s Mudhol town developed from hounds of the erstwhile Maratha rulers. Some owners in Kolkata employ them for hunting small games. Lithe builds allow great stamina and agility.
  7. Pakistani Mastiff – Also called the Bully Kutta or Indian Mastiff these massive dogs can weigh upwards of 90 kgs! As the name suggests, originating from Pakistan and Northern India, they serve as guardians of livestock from large predators. Require vast outdoor space for exercise needs.
  8. Broholmer – Denmark gifted this Mastiff breed to the world as a rare modern molosser dog. Weighing over 50kgs, these gentle giants possess versatility and trainability contrary to intimidating appearances. Need sufficient living space and regular grooming.
  9. Belgian Laekenois – One of four types of Belgian herding dogs, Laekenois are the rarest owing to a near extinct status after population decimation during World Wars. Since resurrection they display great protectiveness, energy and work ethic.

10.Catalan Sheepdog – An exceptionally rare Spanish herding breed not known outside Europe, they display great skill with livestock. Their shaggy weatherproof coat allows adapting to extreme climates. Intelligent and lively, they succeed well at canine sporting events.

Conclusion From fashionable foreign breeds to little known native Indian dogs, at our exclusive dog for sale in Kolkata page, we offer immense canine diversity unmatched by any other Indian metro city. While some pedigrees continue thriving through dedicated breed clubs and following, other rare breeds struggle from lack of awareness and populations.

However, the unwavering fondness towards dogs among Kolkata residents continues safeguarding the future of breeds – popular and rare!

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